Clarins Paris – Vital light Serum.

I was given a number of these tiny little sample size bottles from Clarins Paris via a friend of mine that works for them. I had bought something from their line and so I was able to get a few sneaky samples as a result. I had I would say about four of these little guys they sit at 10ML so all in all I’ve had a decent sized amount of product in which to try out in the 40ml. I’ve been using it since March and I have to say, I love it!

I haven’t had the best of luck where things like serums are concerned, having the most sensitive skin of anyone I know, I tend to just react badly to certain brands or certain consistencies within a brand and whatever I’m putting on my skin. This however had zero negative effect on my skin what so ever, but did it have a positive one?

It really did.

I am always healthily skeptical when I hear of all these magical products that will prolong your this and zap your that. I just don’t buy it, but for the most part? This did what it said on the tin…er… box?

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